Safe Microwaving

Although leftovers and convenience foods can be microwaved, it is important to make sure they’re always microwaved safely.

  • Follow all microwavable cooking instructions thoroughly.
    By doing this, you are cooking your food to the safest possible extent which the instructions provide.
  • Know when to use a microwave or conventional oven
    Not all foods can be microwaved safely. Some frozen, refrigerated, or dry foods require the use of an oven versus a microwaves. This ensures proper cooking temperatures and development of the food.
  • Know your microwave's wattage prior to using it.
    This will also help you follow cooking instructions on prepackaged foods. If it specifies a wattage, you must know yours at home.
  • Always use a food thermometer so ensure safe internal temperatures.
    Put a food thermometer in the center of your food item, as well as other places for security, to ensure that it has reached its designated safe temperature. This ensures that it has been cooked to temperatures that will fully cook it and rid it of bacteria and germs.

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